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I sort of fell into digital marketing by chance. A few years ago I decided to pack up everything and move to Australia to be an Au Pair (international nanny) for 3 months. Long story short, my boss as a nanny turned into my boss as the CEO of a digital marketing agency and I didn't leave the country (except for a few cheeky adventures) until about 2 years later. She taught me all the ropes from website development, Google Ads, managing all client-relations, and honestly just making things happen no matter the circumstances. It was an awesome experience! I love continuing to learn about this industry in an age where technology is advancing faster than ever.

I work a lot because I LOVE to work, but aside from that, I really enjoy spending my time outdoors rock climbing and mountain biking. I've come to appreciate it so much more this year. On a slightly nerdier note I also love playing Call of Duty with my friends and drawing cars.

I have a huge passion for the environment and hope to offer free marketing services to companies who are environmentally conscious in the future.

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